The fate of Attila was sealed the moment Chris “Fronz” Fronzak was handed a demo by his high-school pal Sean Heenan. It was a disc filled with the extreme sounds of underground metal, housed in the CD jewel case of an album by rapper/actor Ludacris.

It’s from these gritty essential ingredients, the “biscuits” of Southern-fried metal like Pantera and the “gravy” of hip-hop like Lil Jon, that Attila was born. Each of these seemingly disparate genres are united in aggressive force; in a shared authenticity; by a determination to keep it real, and with loud dedication to stay true to the game.

A cursory glance at something as simple as the titles of each of Attila’s seven albums reveals much of the band’s creative vision, each reading like a statement of intent. These are records called Fallacy, Soundtrack to a Party, Rage, Outlawed, and About That Life. As their singer’s devious Slim-Shady styled alter-ego/persona Lord Fronzilla dishes out verbal beat down after beat down, with powerful bark and playful prose, his “zero f-bombs given” attitude is backed in kind by the bludgeoning rhythms dealt by guitarist Chris Linck, bassist Kalan Blehm and drummer/cofounder Heenan. To the legions of fans enraptured by the boisterous bravado of Fronz and his effortless charisma, Attila is the ultimate Guilty Pleasure, just as their 2014 album was named. Attila is beautiful Chaos.


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