Commonwealth (n): an organization, political or social, founded for the common good. While politics are likely not at the forefront of this Californian alternative rock outfit’s message, the common good, on the other hand, very much is. Describing themselves as “honest music for the worn out soul,” Commonwealth use a subtle, ethereal style of post-rock infused alternative musicianship with melancholic, whimsical lyricism and poignant vocal delivery as a means of pure catharsis. Energetic enough to remain catchy and engaging while somber and sobering enough to speak through to the listener’s soul, Commonwealth are a unique band built on a platform of pure passion, appealing to fans of atmospheric post-hardcore, pop-punk and alt-rock all with one sprawling, all-encompassing dynamic.

Commonwealth was founded in 2016, fighting against the odds to travel across the country to write and practice music together. While the band are young and have precious little tangible work to their name, in simply starting off they gained experience and the foundation of a dedicated work ethic—the same work ethic that saw them playing alongside Set Sights and Modern Color first in late 2016, as well as early 2017 alongside the release of their critically acclaimed single, “Father(s).” A harrowing and personal track detailing strained family dynamics and loss alike, “Father(s)” serves as the introduction to Commonwealth’s mastery of ambient and emotional alternative rock. This becomes more evident with the release of “Vinyl” later in 2017, as well as both tracks earning a spot in hand-selected Spotify playlists by Dreambound and The New Fury media outlets. Since then, however, Commonwealth have been relatively quiet, collecting themselves for their next big move—an addition to SharpTone’s roster as well as the release of their forthcoming full-length record, containing “Father(s),” “Vinyl” and several other tremendous, touching and talented cuts that incorporate elements of everything from post-rock to post-hardcore—creating soothing and immersive music that truly adds to the common good.


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