Ah, summer. A time of sunglasses, tank tops, bright sun and warm days—a time of top-down, stereo-cranked, sing-a-long-fueled adventures and memory making. Even if you’re old and grey, trapped in a cubicle somewhere all day and well into the night, even the notion of summer still bears those warm, intoxicating memories and concomitant sobering twinge of nostalgia. It’s a time of year that pretty much everyone can relate to—making it something that summer and Pennsylvania pop-punk outfit Send Request have in common. True enough, while the summer months are synonymous with angst-tinted, boisterous and bouncy pop-punk, Send Request aren’t simply a band built for the May-August block of the calendar. Taking splashy, energetic and enthusiastic energy and mixing it with stark, earnest emotion atop a canvas of creative, catchy instrumentation, the band blend elements from alternative rock to pop and beyond to create an infectious listening experience that brings out the sun-loving, drunk-on-nostalgia youngster in just about anyone.

Send Request was born in 2013 as the creative conglomerate between Andrew Blank, Derek Holminski, Aron Wood and Jon Labenski—and since then, they have grown from a driven, plucky pop-punk upstart project to a full-fledge force to be reckoned with. Since their inception, the band have unleashed routine testaments to their growth, from their debut effort, Beyond the Ordinary in May of 2014, the critically acclaimed follow-up Make Your Move the following summer, to “Anymore,” building a style and sound that is all their own—and a dedicated following to match. As dedicated as they remain to writing and recording material that highlights their musical and personal growth, Send Request are dedicated to bringing that music to new ears and old fans alike. Establishing themselves as a local powerhouse as well as serving for support to Carousel Kings (Victory Records), Jimmy Eat World (RCA Records), as well as lighting up the Ernie Ball Stage at the Pennsylvania Warped Tour date in 2014 and on the Journey’s Left Stage in 2017.

Since their inception, Send Request have been steadily supplying the underground with new, original and energetic music in combination with a frenzied live performance and an unstoppable do-it-yourself work ethic. Now, in combination with SharpTone Records and on the brink of a new record, Send Request are poised to make the leap from local heroes to a truly uplifting 2018 underdog story.



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