Metalcore heavyweights EMMURE have unleashed their seventh studio album, ‘Look At Yourself’ (Sharptone Records). The new record showcases some of the band’s most aggressive and introspective music to date, and now the band has dropped a brand new music video for the track ‘Smokey’, which can be viewed via this link:


Speaking about the release of ‘Look At Yourself’, Frankie Palmeri (vocals) states,
“It’s hard to put in only a few words what ‘Look At Yourself’ means to us. We are beyond excited to be sharing this album with the world. It’s everything an EMMURE record is supposed to be and more.”


You can order the album here:
‘Look At Yourself’ Limited Edition Gatefold Silver Vinyl
‘Look At Yourself’ Limited Edition Digipack CD and Vinyl
‘Look At Yourself’ Limited Edition CD
‘Look At Yourself’ Digital Album
Merch available here & here.

For more information on the creation of ‘Look At Yourself’ and the inward transformation of EMMURE, please see below for a series of Q&A style discussions from frontman Frankie Palmeri:


Pt. 1 –

Pt. 2 –

Pt. 3 –


Also watch the official music video for ‘Flag Of The Beast’ here:


To give listeners a taste of what they can expect from ‘Look At Yourself’, EMMURE released two songs off the album previously, ‘Russian Hotel Aftermath’ and ‘Torch’, which can be streamed via the links below.

‘Russian Hotel Aftermath’:


‘Look At Yourself’ represents a coming of age for EMMURE, a new chapter in an aggressive autobiography that stretches back to the band’s very first album, released when Palmeri was barely out of his teens. It’s infused with a brutal self-examination and observation, balancing hate, bile and perseverance, with the tempered experience of a life spent in pursuit of self-reliance and respect, from within and without. It’s expressed in a crushing cacophony of riffs that never fail to super-serve the forward-motion groove of EMMURE.

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