Heavy-hitters EMMURE have revealed the cover art as well the release date for their upcoming album, titled ‘Look At Yourself’.

The album is now available for pre-order here:  https://www.emmurecult.com/

To give listeners a taste of what they can expect from ‘Look At Yourself’EMMURE have released two new songs off of the album, ‘Russian Hotel Aftermath’ and ‘Torch’, which can be streamed via the links below.

‘Russian Hotel Aftermath’: https://youtu.be/8EtNN9Z31Jg

‘Torch’: https://youtu.be/JwnjgiBTu0I

‘Look At Yourself’ represents a coming of age for EMMURE, a new chapter in an aggressive autobiography that stretches back to the band’s very first album, released when Palmeri was barely out of his teens. It’s infused with a brutal self-examination and observation, balancing hate, bile and perseverance, with the tempered experience of a life spent in pursuit of self-reliance and respect, from within and without. It’s expressed in a crushing cacophony of riffs that never fail to super-serve the forward-motion groove of EMMURE.


Frankie Palmeri – Vocals

Joshua Travis – Guitar

Phil Lockett – Bass

Josh ‘Baby J’ Miller – Drums

For updates and more information, follow Emmure at:

www.facebook.com/emmure | www.twitter.com/emmuremusic | www.sharptonerecords.co/artist/emmure

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