Pennsylvania pop-punk band Send Request has released their brand new record, Perspectives.

Purchase/Stream Perspectives HERE

“Perspectives” is an unfiltered reflection of the life as it’s lived.
This record shows that even if everything falls apart, the outlook you have on those experiences will determine who you are are” – Send Request 

Watch the video for “Falling To Pieces”

In case it was missed, watch the band’s incredible body-slamming video for their single,
Dr. Dare Rides Again,” which features an appearance by WWE Superstar Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett.

The band also recently released a new video for one of the most emotionally heavy songs on the record,
Antisocial War.”

Send Request has been steadily supplying the underground with new, original and energetic music in combination with a frenzied live performance and an unstoppable do-it-yourself work ethic. Taking splashy, energetic and enthusiastic energy and mixing it with stark, earnest emotion atop a canvas of creative, catchy instrumentation, the band blend elements from alternative rock to pop and beyond to create an infectious listening experience. Now, in combination with SharpTone Records and on the brink of a new record, Send Request are poised to make the leap from local heroes to a truly uplifting 2018 underdog story.