Richmond’s rising rock band TELLTALE is showing no signs of slowing down. On the heels of their critically heralded EP, Timeless Youth, and a recently released song “What A Shame,” the band has returned this fall to debut yet another brand new single titled, “Breathe.”

“In the angriest moments of early 2018, “Breathe" was written as a scathing jab at someone I once loved. At that point nearly two years ago, this song meant something specific but now it’s just a song to listen to while screaming obscenities into your pillow. For a long time I debated fighting to bury this song but that wouldn’t do justice to the emotional growth this past year has shown all of us in the band. Through creating “Breathe,” we learned that life is a journey of addressing negative emotions, harnessing them into art and ultimately letting them go.“ - John Carter (vocalist)

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