Broadside - 'Into The Raging Sea’ CD Pre-Order Bundle


***This is a pre-order item that will ship to arrive by the release date July 24, 2020

This bundle includes:

    • A physical copy of the upcoming release 'Into The Raging Sea'
    • A digital download code emailed to you on the release date, July 24, 2020**
    ‘Into The Raging Sea' Track List:
    1. The Raging Sea 
    2. Foolish Believer 
    3. Overdramatic 
    4. Nights Alone
    5. Heavenly 
    6. Clarity 
    7. Dancing on the Ceiling (With You)
    8. Seasons
    9. Breathe You In
    10. The Setting Sun 
    11. Burning at Both Ends

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