Currents - ‘The Way It Ends’ Spiral Endlessly Tee Pre-Order Bundle


***This is a pre-order item that will ship to arrive by the release date of June 5, 2020

This bundle includes:

    • A physical copy of the upcoming release 'The Way It Ends'
    • A digital download code emailed to you on the release date, June 5th, 2020**
    • The Spiral Endlessly Tee
      • 100% cotton black tee with multi-color ink print on front and back
      • Featuring the 'Spiral Endlessly' design from Currents

    ’The Way It Ends' Track List:

    1. Never There
    2. A Flag to Wave
    3. Poverty of Self
    4. Monsters
    5. Kill the Ache
    6. Let me Leave
    7. Origin
    8. Split
    9. Second Skin
    10. How I Fall Apart
    11. Better Days

    ** All digital goods (download codes, etc.) will be emailed to the original email used for your order. Make sure to check your spam/junk folders for these goods upon the official release date of June 5th, 2020

    ***Barring any unforeseen changes due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all orders including pre-order items will ship to arrive by the release date (June 5th, 2020), regardless of the contents in the order. Please consider making a separate order should you prefer to have any 'ready-to-ship' items in your order arrive before the listed release date (June 5th,  2020), as all orders will ONLY be shipped as one cohesive package.

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