Miss May I - 'Shadows Inside' Sea Blue Vinyl


Grab a Sea Blue Vinyl Variant of 'Shadows Inside' - Miss May I's first release with SharpTone Records!

*Limit 5 Per Customer*

Miss May I - 'Shadows Inside' Track List:

  1. Shadows Inside
  2. Under Fire
  3. Never Let Me Stay
  4. My Destruction
  5. Casualties
  6. Crawl
  7. Swallow Your Teeth
  8. Death Knows My Name
  9. Lost in the Grey
  10. My Sorrow

***Due to the limited and exclusive availability of this item, only 5 units of this title and variant are available for purchase per customer. We make every effort to ensure all fans have an opportunity to enjoy the merchandise from their favorite artist, and thank you again for your support!

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