Renowned for the depth, ambition and heart of albums like 2008’s ‘Guidebook For Sinners Turned Saints’ and 2010’s ‘They Said A Storm Was Coming’, Jamie’s Elsewhere have returned. “The last time we created music together was eight, almost nine years ago, so the process has definitely changed with the times and tech, trading files over Dropbox and meeting regularly on Zoom,” considers lead vocalist Aaron Pauley, also known for his work with Of Mice & Men. “But there's a lot of joy and excitement in creating music together again”. Alongside Aaron and founding member / guitarist Matt Scarpelli (also of Cemetery Sun), the band’s line up is now completed by bassist Chance Medeiros and keyboardist Mike Spearman. While the future remains uncertain for all bands right now, one thing that you can guarantee is that you’ll be seeing and hearing plenty of Jamie’s Elsewhere in the weeks and months to come. This is just the beginning.






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