Kingsmen - ' Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery ' CD Pre-Order Bundle
***Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this is a pre-order item that will start to ship by End of April, 2020 This bundle includes: A physical copy of the upcoming release 'Revenge.Forgiveness.Recovery.' A digital download code emailed to you on...
Kingsmen - ' Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery ' CD
***Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this is a pre-order item that will start to ship by End of April, 2020 ‘Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery.' Track List: Until I’ve Departed World on Fire Tipping the Scales Nightmare Waste Away (explicit) Outsider...
Savage Hands - 'The Truth In Your Eyes' CD
Savage Hands 'The Truth Is In Your Eyes' Tracklist: Memory (Explicit) Brain Dead (Explicit) Blue (Explicit) Demon Rotten Soul (Explicit) Washed Away Lonely Bloodshot (Explicit) Break The Ice (Explicit) Crazy  Never Change
Novelists - 'C'est La Vie' CD
Novelists - 'C'est La Vie' Track list: Somebody Else Deep Blue Lilly (Explicit) Modern Slave (Explicit) C’est la Vie (Explicit) - Guest vox Camille Contreras (Bliss Sigh) Head Rush (Explicit) Kings of Ignorance - Guest Vox Florent Salfati (Landmvrks) Rain...
As I Lay Dying - 'Shaped By Fire' CD Digipak
As I Lay Dying - 'Shaped By Fired' Track List: Burn To Emerge Blinded Shaped By Fire Undertow Torn Between Gatekeeper The Wreckage My Own Grave Take What's Left Redefined Only After We've Fallen The Toll It Takes
In Search Of Solace - 'Enslaved To Tragedy' CD
In Search Of Solace - 'Enslaved To Tragedy' Track List: Culture Shock Losing Touch Deathwish (Explicit) Force Fed (Explicit) Survive Left to Dust Silent Voices Vacancy Path to Destruction
Of Virtue - 'What Defines You' CD
Of Virtue - 'What Defines You' Tracklist: No Control Alone Suffer Immortal Thanks For Nothing Pictures Of You (ft. Kalie Wolfe of Rivals) I Won't Break Surrounded Torn Apart Confide In Me
Any Given Day - 'Overpower' CD
Any Given Day - 'Overpower' Tracklist: Start Over Loveless Savior Taking Over Me Lonewolf Devil Inside Sure To Fail In Deafening Silence Whatever It Takes Fear Never Surrender
Holding Absence - 'Holding Absence' CD
 Holding Absence - 'Holding Absence' Tracklist: Intro Perish Your Love (Has Ruined My Life) Like A Shadow You Are Everything Marigold To Fall Asleep Monochrome A Godsend Last Of The Evening Light Purge Wilt
ExitWounds - 'Visions' CD
ExitWounds - 'Visions' Tracklist: Visions   Hades  Transparency   Medusa   Choices   Scars
Crystal Lake - 'Helix' CD
Crystal Lake - 'Helix' Tracklist: Helix Aeon  Agony  +81 Lost In The Forever Outgrow Ritual  Hail To The Fire  Devilcry  Just Confusing  Apollo Sanctuary 
CommonWealth - 'Everyone Around Me' CD
 CommonWealth 'Everyone Around Me' Tracklist: Fear Lost Runaway Happy Fathers Taxi Neglect Vinyl Reckless Wilt Unbalanced
Rise Of The Northstar - 'The Legacy of Shi' CD
Rise Of The Northstar - 'The Legacy of Shi' Tracklist:   1. The Awakening  2. Here Comes The Boom  3. Nekketsu  4. Kozo  5. Teenage Rage  6. Step By Step  7. This Is Crossover  8. Cold Truth  9. All For...
Send Request - 'Perspectives' CD
Send Request - 'Perspectives' Tracklist: Dr. Dare Rides Again Talk A lot  Falling To Pieces  Let It Die  Antisocial War  When Everything Falls Apart  Trust  Here's To The Years  Make Like A Tree If I Stay 
Annisokay - 'Arms' CD
Annisokay - 'Arms' Tracklist: 1. Coma Blue 2. Unaware 3. Good Stories 4. Fully Automatic5. Sea of Trees 6.  Innocence Was Here 7.  Humanaphobia 8.  End of the World 9.  Escalators10.  Private Paradise (ft. Fronzilla) 11.  One Second 12.  Locked Out, Locked In   
Bleeding Through - 'Love Will Kill All' CD Digipak
Bleeding Through - 'Love Will Kill All' Track List: Darkness, A Feeling I Know Fade Into The Ash End Us Cold World Dead Eyes Buried No Friends Set Me Free No One From No Where Remains Slave Life
Settle Your Scores - 'Better Luck Tomorrow' CD
Settle Your Scores - 'Better Luck Tomorrow' Tracklist: On the Count of Three Zero Hour Growing Pains & Throwing Blame Dead Man Stalking Keep Your Chin Up and Your Expectations Down Stuck in the Suburbs Rise/Fall Off & On No...
Sink The Ship - 'Persevere' CD Digipak
Sink The Ship 'Persevere' Tracklist: Second Chances Out Of Here Domestic Dispute (feat. Bert Poncet (Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!) Everything (Featuring Levi Benton (Miss May I) Nail Biter Put Up or Shut Up Persevere Trust Your Gut Strike First Exposing...
Don Broco - 'Technology' CD
Don Broco's latest album 'Technology' is now available!  Don Broco - 'Technology' Track List: Technology Stay Ignorant T-Shirt Song Come Out To LA Pretty The Blues Tightrope Everybody Greatness Porkies Got To Be You Good Listener ¥ Something To Drink
Polaris - 'The Mortal Coil' CD
This is a jewel case CD copy of Polaris' 'The Mortal Coil,' the band's first release on SharpTone Records! Polaris - 'The Mortal Coil' Tracklist: Lucid The Remedy Relapse Consume Frailty In Somnus Veritas Dusk To Day Casualty The Slow...
We Came As Romans - 'Cold Like War' CD Digipak
We Came As Romans - 'Cold Like War' Tracklist: Vultures With Clipped Wings Cold Like War Two Hands Lost In The Moment Foreign Fire Wasted Age Encoder If There’s Nothing To See Feat. Eric Vanlerberghe Promise Me Learning To Survive
World War Me - 'World War Me' CD
This is a jewel case CD copy of World War Me's self-titled album, the band's first release on SharpTone Records! World War Me - 'World War Me' Tracklist: The Good Enough Don’t Hold Your Breath Mr. Misery Ache For Agony...
Novelists - 'Noir' CD
Here's your chance to own Novelists' latest release, 'Noir' Novelists - 'Noir' Tracklist: L’appel Du Vide Monochrome Under Different Welkins Les Nuits Noires Grey Souls A Bitter End Stranger Self The Light, The Fire Joie De Vivre Lead The Light...
Across The Atlantic - 'Works of Progress' CD
This is a jewel case CD copy of Across The Atlantic's 'Works of Progress,' the band's first release on SharpTone Records! Across The Atlantic - 'Works of Progress' Tracklist: Prelude Playing For Keeps Sundress Funeral Cutting Corners Chin Up 24 Hours...
Currents - 'The Place I Feel Safest' CD
Grab a CD copy of 'The Place I Feel Safest' - Current's first release with SharpTone Records! Currents - 'The Place I Feel Safest' Track List: Apnea Tremor Night Terrors Delusion Withered Dreamer Forget Me The Place I Feel Safest Silence Best Memory...
While She Sleeps - 'You Are We' CD
Grab a CD copy of 'You Are We' - While She Sleep's first release with SharpTone Records! While She Sleeps - 'You Are We' Track List: You Are We Steal the Sun Feel Empire of Silence Wide Awake Silence Speaks (feat. Oliver Sykes...
Miss May I - 'Shadows Inside' CD
Grab a CD copy of 'Shadows Inside' - Miss May I's first release with SharpTone Records! Miss May I - 'Shadows Inside' Track List: Shadows Inside Under Fire Never Let Me Stay My Destruction Casualties Crawl Swallow Your Teeth Death Knows My Name...
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Loathe - 'The Cold Sun' CD
Grab a CD copy of 'The Cold Sun' - Loathe's first full-length album on SharpTone Records! Loathe - 'The Cold Sun' Track List: The Cold Sun It's Yours Dance On My Skin East of Eden Loathe 3990 Stigmata P.U.R.P.L.E. The Omission Nothing More...
Imminence - 'This Is Goodbye' CD
Grab a CD copy of 'This Is Goodbye' - Imminence's first release on SharpTone Records! Imminence - 'This Is Goodbye' Track List: This is goodbye           Diamonds        Broken love     Coming undone Up  ...
Emmure - 'Look At Yourself' CD
Grab a CD copy of 'Look At Yourself' - Emmure's first release on SharpTone Records! Emmure - 'Look At Yourself' Track List: You Asked for It Shinjuku Masterlord Smokey Natural Born Killer Flag of the Beast Ice Man Confessions Russian Hotel Aftermath...
Don Broco - 'Automatic' CD
Grab a CD copy of 'Automatic' - Don Broco's first release on SharpTone Records! Don Broco - 'Automatic' Track List: You Wanna Know Superlove Automatic Fire Nerve What You Do To Me Money Power Fame Keep On Pushing Tough On You Let...
Attila - 'Chaos' CD
Grab a copy of 'Chaos' - Attila's first release on SharpTone Records! Attila - 'Chaos' Track List: Ignite Bulletproof Public Apology Obsession Moshpit (featuring Ookay) Rise Up Let's Get Abducted LegendQueen All Hail Rock and Roll King
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WidowMaker - 'WidowMaker' CD + Digital Download
The brand new self-titled album from WidowMaker is here and available now through SharpTone Records! This item includes both a physical copy of the new album, as well as a digital download** sent via email. 'WidowMaker' Tracklist: The Nihilist Paragon  Spineless...
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